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Sensing our way (SOW) at The Mosaic Rooms.

May 2023

A collection of sensory-seeking objects.

Made to enhance your experience whilst in the gallery.

To plant a seed

deep inside and watch it bloom

A creative seed

A seed to nourish and enhance

A playful seed, to make the world more colourful

Tending to our senses along the way


Use the velvet hoops as viewfinders; hold them up and notice what you see through them

You may find yourself seeing things clearer, zooming in and looking at the space in a new way

The hoops can also be threaded onto your arms, or onto the long fabric lines.

Notice how they feel.


The ‘body beads’ can also be worn.

Seek out the light cast onto a wall and create unusual and exaggerated silhouettes

Thread the beads onto the fabric lines to create new spaces to be inside


Run your fingers through the layers of the ‘grass mat’.

You may sit, lie or stand on the mat.

Make a small den area for yourself


Sit inside the sun. Turn it over to meet the moon.

Create a nest-like space for yourself or your babies.


The fabric lines can transform into sun rays, snakes, paths and boundaries.

Explore each one to find different sounds, weights and colours.


The small seed pods can transform into characters, perhaps connecting to an artwork?

Collect, stack and line up these velvety objects and create your own world.


Words to help you on your journey of discovery;









You can see more about the project here.

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