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Sarah Evelyn Marsh

I draw with a sewing machine; the needle is my pen, the thread; my ink.


These artworks come from within, I delve into feelings and emotions from past and present to create images that are representations of my life and yet can be interpreted to fit ones' own story.


I enjoy using fabrics and 'the stitched line', as there's a sense of movement and strength in the making process that can be delicately executed and presented.


The fabrics are collected from my travels, each piece holds it's own memory and story.

My fabric sourcing connects me with people who share a love for these textured, patterned pieces of cloth. Some of these connections have developed into artistic collaborations and friendships.


I make my narrative artworks intuitively, it's a process, and in the end, the final piece reveals itself to me.


You can purchase my artworks and commission me via my Etsy shop here.

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