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Sarah Evelyn Marsh

Marketing video made by Manchester Metropolitan University and Culture Club, it records Umbrella doodles© events I ran with the University from 2014-16.

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Umbrella doodles©  is a mindful drawing experience that encourages you to stop, look and draw from your surroundings.


I launched Umbrella doodles© 5 years ago as a way to get people engaging with their surroundings. Through walking and drawing, people are actively encouraged to look at their environments more closely, recording Architecture, Nature, Geography and History onto an umbrella, creating a visual and abstract map of their journey.


Umbrella doodles© has partnered with a number of organisations including; Carbon Landscpae: The Wildlife Trust, Creative Tourists, Manchester Sciene & Industry Museum, Manchester University and a number of city councils.


You can read a testimonal on Umbrella doodles© here, by Susie Stubbs, Dir. of Modern Designers, UK.

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