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Sarah Evelyn Marsh

Sculpting Conversations (2019) was an interactive space at Tate Liverpool.

For families, babies, grandparents and everyone inbetween, it was a playful environment for all.

Inspired by The Sensory Toolkit, this idea grew from observations of how the toolkit was activated by it's viewers.


'Groups of people sitting around a plinth full of soft, bendy and scented linear  objects; talking and laughing, sharing stories or perhaps, planning the rest of the day. Their hands move whilst they talk- automatically, free-flowing, they begin to shape the lines, bend and twist, wrapping around their arms and torso's, linking them together, attempting to balance the lines, shaping their words, sculpting their conversations.'


Velvets and cotton fabrics were used to construct the lines, rings and organic, root-like objects. Weighted and scented, these objects invited the viewer to become the participant, inturn the participant became part of the artwork.

Convex mirrors were attached to the ceiling, reflecting the activity and large beanbags encouraged bodies to lie down, rest and look up.


Immersive, multi-sensory and playfully engaging this space intended to develop over the months. New objects would be introduced and conversations would be recorded. Unfortunately the Pandemic arrived and we had to close down.

So for months these handmade sculptures have been wrapped and boxed, waiting for a new adventure.

Something is on the horizon...and I'm looking forward to sharing more soon...

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