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Sarah Evelyn Marsh

Night doesn’t have to mean ‘end of the day’

Here’s why it makes sense

Quality of life has a price

Not something you see everyday

Suspending privacy

Got the blues


A 'punk poem' by 2 of the young people

This award winning project was the product of a collaboration between myself, Tate Liverpool, HollyLodge school for girls and Young Persons Advisory Service (YPAS), Liverpool.


Using Tracey Emin's 'My Bed' (1998) as a starting point, we pulled back the covers on our own emotional states. Discussions of sexuality, gender identity, bullying and social media were explored using punk poetry, grafitti embroidery and other experimental processes.


The final piece was exhibited in Tate Exchange, and the public were invited to engage in the interactive space, expressing their own emotions through the manipulation of paper and adding their interpretations to our evolving space. Interesting ideas were explored, such as the 'rose-tinted wall', where negative thoughts disappeared when the participant wore the rose-tinted specs.

The intervention ended with a collborative destruction of the space, where we ripped down the paper walls as part of a 'happening'.


The project won the Curious Minds 'Museum Partnership award' 2017.

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