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The 'Sensory Toolkit' is a developing collection of objects, ideas and ‘spaces’. Initially inspired by my engagements with autistic children and their parents, this body of work is now accessible for people of all ages and abilities to interact with.

The collection contains handmade, fabric focussed objects that explore sensory themes such as; weight, scent and flexibility.

The objects force you to experience the space from different vantage points; encouraging the viewer to become a participant.

Lie under the 'Projection Hammock' to be bathed in light, colour and shadow.

Experience the weight of the fabric sculptures on you, whilst breathing in the fresh lavendar scents.

Clasp the fabric, weighted and flexible hand in your own hand; do you feel a sense of security and calmness?

Have a conversation with someone whilst sculpting the bendable, tactile lines; how does your conversation look?


I’m curious to further explore how these handmade objects and immersive spaces can trigger our core creativity; deepening our connections with the world around us and developing our creative language.


Tate Exchange allowed me to invite a diverse range of people to interact with my ideas, the responses were insightful and sensitive, the space became therapeutic as well as playful. Memories were triggered whilst feeling the objects, relaxation was experienced by a group of school children, initiated by their autistic classmate.


Mona Rena Gorska, joined me in the space during the residency, this opportunity supported our ongoing collaborative and cross-cultural artistic relationship.


The Sensory Toolkit will be open to the public at The Playground, London in the near future.


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