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An ever-developing element of my artistic practice encompasses the research and development of projects and interventions in art gallery spaces that support the needs of children with Autism, their parents and siblings. Through the careful consideration of environment, materials and inventive sensory activities and handmade objects, I have crafted a strand of professional development that has led me to work as a consultant, artist and educator with internationally renowned institues which include; The Royal Academy of Art, London, Tate galleries, Manchester Art Gallery and The Manchester Museum.

In 2017 I was awarded a Travel Bursary through a-n, The Artists Information Company. I spent time collaborating with the family learning team of Laznia CSW, (Gdansk, Poland) and a group of local families to implement autism-friendly strategies within the gallery and to benfit the families of the Nowy Port district.

I continue to develop new connections as I use my art practice to drive my research further across Europe and beyond.


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Click here to read a collection of posts that reflect and summarise the project for Access Art; The online resourse for visual artists and educators.

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