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In the Winter of 2020, I connected with Starling, a flock of Artists and Creatives who run creative youth projects with neurodivergent young people.

Starling commissoned me to design and make a sensory-led creative pack, with online 'How to's', to be posted out to young people in their homes during Lockdown.

This pack proved extremely popular and subsequently led me to run online workshops for Primary Schools and Corporate companies.

Wrapped up in this multi-sensory pack is the invitation for the user to stop, breath and take time for themselves. Be in the moment.


As well as the contents of ingredients and materials, this pack contains The Slice, a velvety shape of comforting goodness. An object that has provided it's users with comfort, contentment, pain relief and general feelings of wellbeing and happiness.

The Slice was designed by myself, inspired by the humble pizza slice, this weighted slice may make you feel good on the outside as well as the inside.

Hold it in your hand, lay it across your stomach, chest or forehead. Breath deeply and enjoy some time to yourself.

The Slice and other sensory-seeking objects are now available to buy at The Whitworth shop, The Whitworth Gallery, Manchester.

Sarah Evelyn Marsh

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