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Sculpting Conversations

Step inside the creative minds of artists and play specialists Sarah Marsh and Stephanie Jefferies to explore this immersive installation of scribble sculptures, tactile shapes and cosy scented objects.

“Groups of people sitting around a plinth full of soft, bendy and scented linear objects; talking and laughing, sharing stories or perhaps, planning the rest of the day. Their hands move whilst they talk; automatically, free-flowing, they begin to shape the lines, bend and twist, wrapping around their arms and torso’s, linking them together, attempting to balance the lines, shaping their words, sculpting their conversations.”  Sarah Marsh

Here conversations and interactions take on many forms; through the senses as you move, play and discover new things together. Mould, squash and wear the objects, join yourselves together or lie underneath the weighted objects. Take the opportunity to catch-up with friends and reflect on shared experiences; or as a moment to relax… where will the conversation lead you?

Created with families in mind, but open to all. Suitable for ages 0+

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