Sarah Evelyn Marsh

This intergenerational project bought together two pre-established groups of women from Rusholme and Whythenshawe.

Studio One based in Whythenshawe, supported women who had suffered psychological trauma, they met once a week to knit, share stories and support one another.

I approached this group of fabulous women to work with me on the creation of an intervention to be exhibited at the beautiful Platt Hall Costume Gallery, Manchester, UK.

They taught me how to knit, and in return we explored new and interesting materials to knit with; extending our creative abilities with this age-old craft.

Our knitted forms and sculptures became emotional representations, as well as echoing and complimenting the space of the gallery. We knitted with wire and translucent fishing wire to create delicate, ethereal structures that softened the light that streamed through the windows of the Platt Hall buidling. We knitted with rope and coarse strings that created interesting textures and forms, evocative of the swirling stucco on the walls. We cast our knitting in wax, explored the traces of knitting with spray paint and overtime created a 3-dimensional space that the public could interact with; knitting their own responses to the space, within the space.


We sit, we knit, we unwind...


The interventions were exhibited at Platt Hall Gallery of Costume March -  June 2013

We sit, we knit, we unwind.

This project took us on a journey. We 'followed the line' to knit together, unravel problems, talk about difficult subjects and discover endless creative possibilites.

Womens knitting group from Studio One, Wythenshawe, Manchester.

In association with Manchester Art Gallery, the Gallery of Costume, Platt Hall and Artist  and Educator Sarah Evelyn Marsh.


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