Sarah Evelyn Marsh

T h e   s  e n s o r y   t o o l k i t :   W e   a r e   o p e n


Space to experience, discuss, share and discover


Step inside this ‘3D sketchbook’ to experience an artists’ journey of discovery, as she collates her artistic practice into a ‘toolkit’, to nurture other’s connections with the world around them.


Sarah Marsh is an artist and educator who has developed a sensitive and sensory-led pedagogy, to support self expression through the language of creativity, within children and young people.

Marsh has spent time focussing on a strand of her work that supports the needs of children with autism, within a gallery setting. Since 2017, Marsh has developed her research by connecting with creative institutes and thinkers across Europe and Asia; implementing autism-friendly strategies and exhibiting in group shows in galleries within Poland, and exploring her sensory-engaged practice within Shanghai, China.


This research has evolved into a collection of handmade and interactive objects and ideas, inspired by her engagements with the children and families she has worked with along the way.


Sarah’s Tate Exchange residency celebrates how public spaces, such as Art galleries have embraced accessibility and awareness for the Neuro-diverse community. The space will act as a platform for children, families, educators and other professionals to communicate.

An interactive environment will be constructed within the space and sensory-inspired taster workshops will be available during the week.

4. Connect

‘Inside’, prompt image, exhibited in Lublin, Poland June 2018

What is Tate Exchange?

Tate Exchange is an entirely new programme for the museum that explores how art makes a difference in society; working with the collection, artists, partners and the public on a socially relevant annual theme to do so. ... Tate Exchange is an open experiment that seeks to explore the role of art in society.

'The sensory toolkit: we are open' will be part of Tate Exchange 2019 programme. Tate Galleries, Liverpool Docks