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Make it…

By evelynarts, Apr 11 2017 09:14PM

Explore artwork, experiment with new ideas and think differently.

Make it…is a joint community learning partnership between Tate Liverpool, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust and the City of Liverpool College, that enables 18-30 year olds using mental health services to access support and learning through art at Tate Liverpool.

During this eight week course a group of young people have come together to work collectively; responding to the broad theme of Identity. With no prior knowledge of each other, the group developed interesting and thought-provoking dialogues, built friendships that have grown outside of the course and made connections through artworks on display in the Constellations galleries at Tate Liverpool and the Open Eye Gallery.

The course has encouraged us to look at the world from a different viewpoint. With a passion for the city of Liverpool, the young people have taken inspiration from architecture, the River Mersey and Albert Docks area; fusing it with explorations of their identity through conversations, personal reflections and opinions, to create sensitive and highly creative responses.

Through peer-led methodology the young people have been supported to develop a unique, creative language through photography, film and creative processes. Using analogue ‘photoshopping’ techniques we discovered we could edit, layer, add and remove elements of what we see around us; we became live-editors. By bleaching out photographs, layering acetate drawings on top of images and adding layers, angles and multiples with the use of mirrors, the world became an ever-changing canvas for our ideas. An ingenious kaleidoscope, invented by one of the students, developed these ideas further and heightened our views into beautiful, moving imagery.

We have selected images that represent our most present process-driven outcomes, but these don’t signify the end of our creative journeys, if anything they are just the beginning.

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