Sarah Evelyn Marsh

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An important element of my artistic practice encompasses the development of workshops in galleries that support the needs of children with Autism, their parents and siblings. Through the careful consideration of the environment, materials and inventive sensory activities and interventions I have crafted a strand of professional development that has led me to working as a consultant and artist with The Royal Academy of Art, Tate galleries, Manchester Art Gallery and Manchester Museum. Most recently I have been awarded an Arts Council funded Travel Bursary to collaborate with the Learning team at Laznia CSW, Gdansk, Poland to implement a new ASD initiative for the local families of the Nowy Port district. You can read about my processes on my a-n blog here.


Open doors, Manchester Art Gallery. (2014 - 2017)

Open doors is an autism-friendly session at Manchester Art gallery. We open the doors early, allowing families and carers to explore the gallery and artworks with their children in a relaxed and comfortable space. This sensory-focussed workshop supports open-ended play and creativity through the materials and ideas that I develop.

The observations I make in this session transfer into the installations and environments I create in gallery spaces. This research provides me with a greater awareness of the sensory needs of many people and an interest in the creative language that develops, through the connections we make with our surroundings.

This strand of work has developed into leading similar workshops at Tate Liverpool. I'm also presenting my ideas at the  at the Why & How conference, Royal Academy of Art in March with an experiential workshop for delegates.

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