Sarah Evelyn Marsh, Manchester (UK) based Visual Artist, Creative Practitioner and Consultant, with a diverse and exciting catalogue of work and experiences.


My artistic practice is a fusion of processes and materials;  experimenting with ideas and themes to create artworks that tell a story and explore 'the line'.

A passionate interest in Textiles, Illustration, Sculpture and 'Spaces', produces diversity in my artwork and it's outcomes, forging an ever-evolving dialougue between myself, the material, the process, the space and the viewer / participant.  


I'm particularly interested in the sensory aspect of my work, most recently, through my ideas for 'Open doors', a creative and sensory-led project for children with autism.  


With a background in education and project management, I am extremely proactive in the promotion of creativity as a communication tool. I have  over 15 years experience of working in the Arts, with people young, old and of varying learning and physical abilities. I've worked as a Freelance Artist in a range of institutions and community venues in England and Europe, such as Tate Liverpool, Manchester Art Gallery and Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Poland.